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Welcome to GK (rijadeja.com)
In this website, you can get all GK resources at Free of cost. All files are categorised in various GK Categories.
ArtsGK files for arts section can be found in this section. You can get various GK files in this section. I'm also trying to cover some art's chapters from GCERT books.
Awards & PrizesThis is very important part of every competitive exams that is why every students must read these files. I'm sure that these files will be definitely useful to all students.
EconomyEconomy is latest topic which is flash in everyday news. This is also important part of current affairs. I've tried to cover some area of Economy through these pdf files.
GeographyGK files for Geography are available in this section. I am also trying to cover most topics from GCERT books. These files are very short and easy to remember.
Gujarati SahityaAs we know, Gujarati Sahitya is important part of some exams e.g. GSSSB and panchayat board exams. This section is covers most important topics of Gujarati Sahitya.
HistoryGK files, related with History can be found in this section. I'm trying to cover most topics from GCERT books. I am sure that these files will  be definitely helpful to all students.
PolityIndian Polity and Indian Constitution questions are regularly ask in all competitive exams. I've tried to cover some important topics of polity in this section.
Science & TechnologyScience & Technology is also important part of GK which is related with Current Affairs. I'm trying to cover most S & T topics from GCERT books.
SportsGeneral Knowledge files for sports are available in this section... This section is related with current affairs and this section is very important for competitive exams.
Other GKAll other GK files are available in this section (which are not listed in above categories). For Example: Current Affairs, Important  personalities etc...
GK Question BanksThis section provides you lots of question banks for GK. You can use it as test series and check your knowledge level.
Need more ?You can get lots of pdf files for GK in this site. If you still want to more study materials, then please visit rijadeja.com website.